Dutch import TCI’ed by Becky to Swedish semen (6).jpg
Dutch import TCI’ed by Becky to Swedish semen (8).jpg
Delphi pups Aug 21 2.jpg
me and the 10.jpg
dal puppies.jpg
Delphi pups Aug 21 2_edited.png

Delphi's litter born August 2020, from endoscopic transcervical insemination, with freshly ejaculated semen.

Dutch import TCI’ed by Becky to Swedish semen (6).jpg

Four 12 day old longhair weimaraner puppies out of working lines Dutch import TCI’ed by Becky with frozen Swedish semen

me and the 10.jpg

Jasper and Jade's litter of 10, whelped the 6th March 2021

dal pups.png

Congratulations Demi on the arrival of your beautiful Dalmatian puppies by frozen semen TCI AI @ TCIVets.

swe pups.jpg

Abby with her 9 beautiful Swedish Vallhund puppies by  TCI AI

GSD pups.jpg

Meka with her 11 stunning puppies!!
TCI Vets was involved from the very start on this one, semen import from The Netherlands, progesterone bloods and frozen TCI AI @ TCI Vets

rb pups.jpg

We are excited to be able to share the announcement of Sky's 16 puppies delivered April 29th 2021.
This equals the past record of 16 pups from frozen thawed semen.
Sky and her owners are going to be very busy!

beagle 9 pups.jpg

Charlotte (who is a frozen TCI puppy herself!) had 9 precious beagle puppies.
Semen import from The Netherlands and AI done @ TCI Vets


Congratulations to Ice on the arrival of her 9 beautiful puppies! Doing such a great job too.
By frozen TCI AI @ TCI GlenBred


Congratulations Connie on your beautiful cavalier puppies,  so gorgeous huh
Semen frozen by TCI a few years back, then frozen TCI AI @ TCI GlenBred.


Congratulations Medea on your beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.
By frozen TCI AI @ TCI GlenBred.

cane corso.jpg

Congratulations Ebony on your beautiful Italian Corso puppies, she is a great mum.
By frozen TCI AI @ TCI GlenBred.


Congratulations Zora on your 10 gorgeous Great Dane puppies!
By frozen TCI AI @ TCI GlenBred by Prabz from Semen imported from Denmark.